Jessica Kurbatov

Whether you’ve made Lakeland your home base for years or you’re just learning the ropes, our city offers adventures + opportunities for adults of all ages.
We’ve made a concerted effort to orchestrate this roadmap, so you can focus on finding the artists you adore.
If you’ve ever wondered how some of Lakeland’s most notable bodies of water got their names — this is for you.
This Lakeland pilot nearly made aviation history with a transatlantic flight.
Celebrate love with these ideas around Polk County during Valentine’s Day, your next anniversary, birthday, or just any special day.
What makes Lakeland the Swan City, and who built all of that Frank Lloyd Wright architecture? If you want to sound like a local or just brush up on your knowledge of Lakeland’s iconic and quirky history, this is for you.
When money’s tight, these eateries are easy on the wallet.
We’d like to officially propose a new slogan for Lakeland, FL – “We make that here.” Why? Because from lottery tickets to cottage cheese and fragrance ingredients to fruit juices, we have a lot of locally made products.