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6AM is a for profit company and the primary source of revenue comes from selling advertising. This allows the company to provide our products at no cost, ensuring that all interested parties have the ability to access relevant local content that educates and activates members of our communities.

In order to ensure editorial integrity, 6AM has outlined our advertising business model to provide transparency and maintain credibility with our audience. 6AM manages all paid Branded Content through a centralized Branded Content Studio, Client Services, and Sales team; independent from each market’s editorial staff.

We build brand awareness by integrating our advertisers into our daily conversations, in non traditional ways, positioning them in a manner that is consistent with the editorial consumption of our products.

We evaluate advertising relationships on a case-by-case basis and work with brands whose content connects with our audience. 6AM’s editorial staff is not included in the decision to accept or reject specific advertisers. This intentionality has created an industry leading advertising portfolio of community brands.

We do not accept political advertising in an effort to maintain a politically neutral position in local media.

We work with brands and businesses that offer products and services that our audience uses everyday. We do our best to share content from our advertisers that we find interesting, relevant and useful.

The advertisers we work with are frequently independently relevant and often “earn” their way into the headlines naturally.

6AM ensures that any Branded Content will be clearly distinguished from editorial content across all platforms and will always be marked with an asterisk or similar mark.

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

6AM may at its discretion deny or remove any advertising that may be determined to be damaging to our brand; or is in its opinion vulgar, profane, offensive, illegal; or promotes illegal substances, hate, violence, discrimination; or is determined to be a personal attack against an individual or organization.

6AM refrains from indicating personal or brand preference as it relates to the following topic areas: politics, religion, sexuality, entitlements, human rights, gun control, and similar topics that are controversial or highly politicized on a national level. This is done in an effort to avoid bias or perceived bias in an ever polarized media landscape. 6AM follows these same standards with our advertisers.

We are committed to transparency and maintaining editorial integrity, and we welcome dialogue about our business practices as we always strive to better serve our communities, and realize that no set of guidelines can address every situation or issue that may arise in the course of doing business. We can always be reached at to provide feedback, suggestions, concerns, or otherwise from any interested parties.

See Editorial Ethics Policy and Guidelines here.

If you’re interested in learning more about advertising opportunities, click here to get in touch with our team.

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