About 6AM City

Get to know us and learn more about our mission to bring positive daily news to local communities across the country.


Our Values

6AM City is founded on the principle of doing positive service, and our core values shape every aspect of our operations. We believe in responding with agility, leveraging engagement to achieve synergy, listening with intentional curiosity, acting like an owner, and having fun through pride in place.

These values form the cornerstone of our culture, ensuring that everything we do is dedicated to celebrating, nurturing, and experiencing the vibrant communities we call home.

Brand Anthem

This is our Brand Anthem. It is a manifesto of why we love what we do; a rallying cry for our readers and partners; a pledge to make a positive impact; and a glimpse into what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Great cities should be celebrated. The more a city’s stories are told and the more its residents are engaged, the deeper the pride in place becomes. Pride in place is rocket fuel for growth, both cultural and economic.

We are 6AM City. We’re local everywhere, and we make it easy to celebrate the city you call home. Whether you’re showing up early or closing down the house, we point you in the right direction to get the absolute most out of your city from the moment you walk out the door.

Just like you, we are locals. We’re listening to and reporting on what our neighbors want to see, know, and do — telling stories together with our community. We’re inside chefs’ kitchens and construction zones. We’re sampling street food and uncovering coffee shop secrets. We’re highlighting makers and small business owners. We’re interviewing massive employers and hiking the great outdoors.

Why? Because a city isn’t just a line in your address, it’s the lens through which you experience your everyday life. That might mean exploring spaces, visiting or (re)visiting iconic places, discovering hidden gems or filling seats in stadiums, restaurants, board rooms and volunteer booths. We believe in providing our audience the positive information they need to get involved and stay inspired, all while fueling local growth.

Whether you chose this city, or this city chose you, it’s time to make it your own and join the conversation. So get excited — because there’s no other city like the one you call home.

In the News
A panel of experts from Inbox Collective, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 6AM City, and URL Media provided insights into the local newsletter landscape and some of the unique challenges and opportunities it affords.
Exciting news to share this Monday.... details on brand “new way” to get Charlotte news & events delivered to your inbox each morning.
6AM City officially closed its Series A funding round led by TEGNA and supported by follow-on investments from existing stakeholders including American Investment Holdings, VentureSouth, and Harbright Ventures.
The companies were assessed by an independent research firm which reviewed many key measures relative to other nationally recognized winners.
Read how the company’s newsletter content earned an award-winning status
Learn about the redesign features that earned the company a Vega Award
6AM City is being recognized as one of the most investable companies in the Southeast, and we were selected out of 550 applications.
6AM City looks forward to delivering the most relevant, concise, need-to-know local news and events to the Winston-Salem community.
Winston-Salem Inc. has risen to the top 100 in the national ranking of best-performing communities. Additionally, 79 projects are in the development pipeline. News like this gets 6AM City even more excited about launching WStoday.
Dive into the details of 6AM City’s expansion plans.
Hear how 6AM was able to successfully launch in 16 cities in the last year.
ATXtoday a local division of 6AM City expand presence in Austin, TX
The information selected 6AM City as one of 50 companies that has the “potential to be the most valuable business in their categories based on their current revenue, business model, and growth prospects.”
To be considered for the Roaring Twenties program by SC Biz News, honorees went through an analysis of financial statements, which determined the dollar and percentage increase in revenues.
Learn how the world’s biggest news-based emails have become a $100+ million business.
Meet the 6AM City’s founders, Ryan Johnston and Ryan Heafy. Learn how 6AM City grew to operate newsletters across 25 U.S. markets, with over 1.2 million subscribers.
Listen to 6AM City co-founder Ryan Heafy discuss the company’s progress, advertisements and subscriptions, and the future of local news.
Take a deep dive with 6AM City’s co-founders on how the company approaches tactics and plans for growth.
6AM City listed as leading the way as one of the most innovative media companies in 2022.
Inc. 5000 Introduces the Companies Winning in a Time of Change — 2022
Learn about the AM City model, which entails building audiences by avoiding politics and crime coverage.
6AM City was assessed based on categories such as communication, work-life balance, employee education, diversity, recognition, and retention.
Listen to the unique story about how 6AM City grew from starting in Greenville, SC to spanning more than 25 markets total across the nation.
In this episode of The Founder Factor, learn about the growing pains of scaling, and how 6AM City’s CEO, Ryan Johnston, and COO, Ryan Heafy, have navigated each new obstacle and opportunity.
Listen to Dr. Drew Brannon speak with Ryan Johnston and Ryan Heafy, founders of 6AM City, about their leadership philosophies and entrepreneurial experiences.
6AM City Co-Founders, Ryan Johnston and Ryan Heafy, were honored by Lt. Governor Evette as SCRA: South Carolina Research Authority’s Founders of the Year.
6AM City was one 67 companies from South Carolina listed as a top company.
To keep up with its rapid growth, 6AM City is moving its headquarters to Poe West in the Village of West Greenville.
To be considered for the Roaring Twenties program by SC Biz News, honorees went through an analysis of financial statements, which determined the dollar and percentage increase in revenues.
6AM City was assessed based on categories such as communication, work-life balance, employee education, diversity, recognition, and retention.
6AM City is part of the newsletter movement that has evolved into a new method of packaging and delivering news.
Learn how the company scaled from 8 to 24 markets in one year.
6AM has been working to change the game in local media, integrating news and social media in a new way.
6AM Blog
6AM City has 26+ great cities under its umbrella — on each city’s site lives a dedicated City Guide page with robust articles to help readers discover more ways to engage locally.
WStoday’s launch succeeded through collaboration and connection – even before the first newsletter went out
With 26 markets across the U.S., 6AM City has had to think intentionally about company culture. Here’s how we empower our staff to do that.
The result of our redesign is a cleaner, more engaging layout that helps the content shine.
We’re scaling up Pride in Place through our marketplace, Six & Main.
Our editors dedicate a lot of time and energy into developing strategies for sharing news that directly impacts our audience’s day-to-day lives, in a way that is clear, concise, serviceable, and digestible.
Here’s a roundup of some of the recent pictures shared by 6AM staff showing our remote culture.
As a virtual company with 24 markets across the country, 6AM City has to create intentional practices to stay connected. Here’s one way we’re doing it.
As part of our company’s ongoing conversation around peer editing, we’ve been able to identify the following shortlist of pro tips.
The 6AM City team met up in person for the first time since 2019. Here’s how we made the most of our time together — and how your company can, too.
The cloud-based platform powers our playbook by offering real-time edits, searchability, customization options, and more.
At 6AM City, we made a commitment to company culture and our communities by starting a team-wide volunteer initiative. Here’s how it went.
Pandemic year shifts helped forge even stronger company connections as we look toward expansion across the US.
6AM City to expand into 24 US markets by December 2021 and has hired experienced media executives to key leadership positions.
6AM City’s intentional company values underpin everything we do. The reason is that we have personal connections with all of them.
These are not new ideas but they are certainly ones that are of high value as you sift through application after application, looking for something extra that will allow you to pull a great candidate out of a good pile.
As the media landscape evolves, however, more and more upstart newsrooms are embracing product thinking and looking for ways to implement collaborative solutions across departments.
At 6AM City, there are several best practices our editors employ to engage audiences for the first time + keep them coming back to the product. Here’s a look.
Your core product is the best referral tool you have. In our case, it’s our daily email newsletter which natively gets forwarded to friends and family of our current subscriber base daily.
Feedback. The thing we all claim to be open to, but deep down are scared to death to receive.
Companies should be asking themselves how to make the most of their interns’ time, and we’ve got some best practices for you.
Engagement modules are an intentional part of what our editorial teams produce on a daily basis, designed to be positive, engaging, and unbiased. Here’s how we do it.
Focusing on company values and culture, flexibility, and one-on-one connection forges deep links for disparate employees.
In today’s corporate environment, remote offices and small teams in various locations making up a big company have become more and more common. We, 6AM City, are just one example.
Learn how the company gave classified ads a 21st century facelift.
6AM City dives into newsletter creation, distribution, engagement, and analytics.
This is how we utilized Instagram to update our local audience during a major storm.
6AM City expands into Raleigh
6AM City brings its popular, hyper-local news and events coverage to a 26th city with the July launch of WStoday, in partnership with top local brands.
National Content
Video may have killed the radio star, but Autio? It’s got ‘em both beat.
We’ve got details and drink deals: We’ll be highlighting the vibrant beverage scenes across cities like Austin, Nashville, Charleston, and many more from July 22 to July 26, 2024.
The Paris 2024 Olympics will spotlight several new sports: breaking, skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing. Let’s dive into what you need to know about each event.
From classics like “Dirty Dancing” to blockbusters like “The Hunger Games,” the US is home to hundreds of iconic filming locations that are fun and easy to visit.
Learn why you’ll need a REAL ID to take a domestic flight and how to get one.
We’ll be toasting to the bountiful beverage industry across cities like Austin, Boston, Seattle, Nashville, Kansas City, and many more from Monday, July 22 to Friday, July 26, 2024.
Rest, restore, relax, adventure, and everything in between at these five wellness destinations across the country.
Travel, commute, or just explore on these publicly-accessible bicycle routes scattered across the nation thanks to the US Bicycle Route System.
Climate factors such as fuel economy, transit ridership, and pedestrian activity were assessed across 100 cities in the US to the transportation climate index.


Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation (2023)
Publisher and Newsletter Awards - Best Local and Community (GVLtoday) (2023)
Vega Awards - Gold (Newsletter Content), Silver (Newsletter Redesign) (2023)
Inc 5000 (2022)
Inc Best Workplaces (2022)
Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation (2021, 2022)
Fast Company Most Innovative Media Company (2022)
SC Best Places to Work (2021)
A Great Place to Work (2022)
SC Top Workplaces (2020, 2022)
SC Biz News Roaring Twenties (2022)
Best Tech Startups in South Carolina (2021, 2022)
SCRA Founders of the Year (2022)
Local Media Digital Innovation Award (2020)

6AM is for energetic performers who thrive in a fast-paced work environment and love seeing the direct impact of their work.. Join us as we build upon our growing network of cities, continuing our vision of establishing the most relevant modern local media brand. We’d love to meet you.
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