Learn about 6AM City’s robust City Guide pages

6AM City has 26+ great cities under its umbrella — on each city’s site lives a dedicated City Guide page with robust articles to help readers discover more ways to engage locally.

Two City Editors drinking coffee and smiling with their laptops in front of them.

LEXtoday City Editor’s Molly and Aayat enjoying sips from a local coffee shop.

Photo by Femi Oyeniran

From California and the Pacific Northwest to the Carolinas and across the Southeast, 6AM City has 26+ great cities under its umbrella, producing daily local news coverage for our newsletter, web, and social media products. Each city celebrates where you call home through the unique lens of our local journalists — aka the City Editors — representing our motto “Local Everywhere.”

To better educate and activate our audience with in-the-know information about the cities they love, we created a localized City Guide page where our most robust and comprehensive articles live. Our City Guides support readers in discovering more about their cities, whether they’ve lived there for 10 years or 10 days.

You may be wondering, “How do these City Editors curate such informed articles?” Well, how about an example? RALtoday’s City Editor Cat (hello, it’s me 👋) is currently planning a wedding in Raleigh, NC. I combined personal research (tours, emails, phone calls, etc.) with reader suggestions, deep internet dives, and a few local resources to compile 25+ happily ever after venues in Raleigh, which lives on RALtoday’s Play City Guide page.

City Editors fully immerse themselves into the research and writing process for each article. Whether that means trying a ton of your city’s best lattes — I know, a hard task to ask — or taking a historic tour, you can trust our City Editors to give you the scoop on the best spots around town.

City Editor Cat standing in a near-empty wedding venue.

City Editor Cat spent hours (read: days) touring and researching the best wedding venues in Raleigh to complete the City Guide.

Photo by RALtoday

From touring wedding venues to taking hard hat tours of new developments and tasting dishes from up-and-coming restaurants, 6AM’s local journalists share a passion for their cities + for keeping their audiences informed by continuously adding and updating these articles in real-time.

Bonus: Did you know your business can sponsor City Guides? Say you’re a local bank or hospital looking for maximum brand exposure. As a sponsor, your name would be attached to all of our guides. This would get your business in front of our local newsletter subscribers , website visitors, and across social media platforms on a monthly basis.

These articles aren’t produced overnight — City Guides capture a highly-researched and curated list to help locals + visitors alike explore their cities through our Live, Work, and Play sections, which are explained below.

Note: These examples are pulled from real City Guides across 6AM City’s 26+ markets.

A table full of grilled chicken, rice, and a quesadilla from Zarza Latin Food & Grill

This meal is brought to you by LALtoday’s $10 lunch guide, also part of the “Live” section.

Photo by LALtoday


Looking for recommendations to explore 20 parks in Kansas City? Or, maybe you need to pick up some fresh finds from farmers markets around Fort Worth to try that new recipe. The Live category features different ways to explore your city through parks, schools, local business, neighborhood guides, and other helpful round ups.

SATXtoday: places to work outside in San Antonio

Take a Zoom call with your team at one of SATXtoday’s outdoor recommendations.

Photo by SATXtoday team


Make work more enjoyable by finding a new sunny spot to work outside in Austin, tasting a latte from one of the best coffee shops in Lexington, and expanding your professional network by following the top employers in Charleston. In the Work section, our journalists focus on information to get you up and ready to conquer the work week.

The interior of a vintage store

NASHtoday City Editors know where to pop tags: Shop vintage clothing, furniture, and accessories at Starland.

Photo by NASHtoday


What makes the place you call home worth exploring? Whether it’s sifting through local thrift + vintage stores in Richmond or Nashville, grabbing a drink from a bar on one of our city-specific happy hour lists, or taking your pooch to one of Boston’s many dog-friendly businesses, we have so many guides to help you get out and play in your city.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your city, and go explore. Or, save this article for the next time you’re headed to one of our 26+ markets to truly act like a local.