6 products to make flying more comfortable (we promise)

Make your next flight peaceful, pleasant, and easy thanks to a few carry-on upgrades.

A man serenely resting on a flight by the window seat, with a cashmere sweater and headphones on.

Slide on your Bose QuietComfort Headphones and prepare for sweet dreams.

Photo by cottonbro studio via Pexels

Flying soon? While we may not be able to offer solutions for crying babies or mysterious in-flight meals, we do have some tricks up our sleeves for upping your comfort on a plane.

Shop the six items many travelers swear by, good for minimizing noise, easing nausea, and reducing neck pain on long flights.

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For better in-flight entertainment: The AirFly Pro

The small, white AirFly device with a small charging cord sitting on a box.

Twelve South AirFly Pro | $54.99 via Amazon

The AirFly is your ticket to watching — and actually enjoying — the in-flight movie entertainment on your next trip.

AirFly eliminates the need for wired headphones by plugging into a headphone jack then connecting via Bluetooth to your earbuds or wireless headphones. We repeat: You will never need wired headphones again if you have an AirFly.

Reviewers have mentioned the notable improvement in sound quality that the AirFly helps produce — not to mention, you won’t have to humble yourself before your travel companions and ask for a spare pair of wired headphones (or use the cheap ones the airline passes out).

For peace and quiet: Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Speaking of wireless headphones...Bose Noise Canceling Headphones are worth the extra investment.

These headphones are tried and true traveling companions, beloved for their crisp sound and ability to truly block exterior noise.

Choose from colors White Smoke, Black, or Midnight Blue.

For neck comfort: trtl travel pillow

A man sleeps with a trtl pillow on a plane.

trtl Travel Pillow | $59.99 via Amazon

Graphic by 6AM City

Is “life-saving” too dramatic a description for a neck pillow? The trtl pillow is scientifically designed to provide a better head position when sleeping upright, thanks to an internal support system comfortably cushioned in cozy fleece. Think of it as a much-needed, modern redesign of the inflatable neck pillows of old.

It’s also incredibly lightweight — the trtl weighs about as much as an apple, making it easy to tote around on any trip.

For maximum coziness: Cozy Earth joggers

Oprah has named more than a few Cozy Earth products as her favorite things — including the Women’s Bamboo Jogger Pant.

The stretch-knit loungeware is made of 62% viscose from bamboo — making these breathable, soft, and incredibly comfortable. The jogger style is polished enough for navigating the airport, but come flying time, you’ll settle into material much comfier and stretchier than other pants.

For reducing nausea: Anti-nausea wristband

Some simple anti-nausea wristbands might relieve a nervous stomach or sensitivity to turbulence while flying.

The wristbands work via acupressure, stimulating a point on the wrists that can help with nausea.

Candidly, these wristbands tend to be hit or miss — but as they’re usually priced at under $10 a pop, queasy flyers might find them worth bringing for added nausea defense or simply peace of mind.

For luxurious sleep: Drowsy silk sleep mask

A Drowsy silk sleep mask atop a box that says "Welcome to the deep sleep club."

Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask | $79 via Amazon

Drowsy might just be the most luxurious sleep mask on the market. The wrap-around design is 100% light-blocking, while the cool silk material is incredibly soothing and gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Next flight, lean your seat back as much as you dare to, slip on your Drowsy sleep mask, and enjoy a luxurious nap in the sky.

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