Why your next vehicle should be an eBike

Dodge traffic and gas prices while enjoying faster city navigation.

A person riding a Swift E-Bike.

Save on commuting costs and bypass traffic with the SWIFT F.X eBike. Get one here for $749.99.

Photo by Stack Commerce

You don’t even have to look — gas prices are high. The only thing predictable about them is their unpredictability. But, if you’re tired of playing roulette at the pump, it might be time to join the eBike craze.

Zip around the city on electric power + stop worrying about the price of gas every day. With all the money you’ll be saving on gas, they pay for themselves in just a few months. This SWIFT F.X eBike even folds for easy storage in your apartment or garage, and we have a deal that saves you 16%: $749.99 (reg. $899.99).

An eBike might be your best investment this year

Traditional bikes are another option, but can you pedal at 20mph like this eBike? Likely not. Turn on pedal assist mode for help climbing hills or squeeze the throttle to get where you’re headed quicker, only dabbling into exercise where you see fit.

Imagine you have to buzz to the grocery store but there’s traffic. No problem, just cruise along in the bike lane or sidewalk, wherever is legal. Another thing you don’t have to worry about? Parking. Simply leave your eBike by the bike rack, and probably lock it up to be extra safe.

When you come out with a grocery bag, put it on the back carrying rack and tie it down so it doesn’t fall off. Did the sun set while you were perusing the aisles? Turn on the LED headlight for added visibility.

Just like your car’s gas gauge, you should keep an eye on this eBike’s battery level as you cruise around. A full battery charge gets you around 25 miles of ride time, but the greatest part of a bike versus a car is that you can always pedal around manually, if needed.

Dodge crazy gas prices, traffic, and parking all at once with the SWIFT F.X folding eBike. Take advantage of this deal for $749.99 (reg. $899.99).

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