Where has all the Sriracha gone?

The Sriracha shortage continues, leading to some high prices for the spicy condiment — but let’s look at the cause of the shortage and how can we get our hands on some hot sauce.

Three shelves full of sriracaha bottles.

And to think we took this sight for granted last year.

Photo by Paul Narvaez via Wikimedia Commons

Last year, we heard word from Huy Fong Foods that a Sriracha shortage was on the horizon. Now, it seems we’re in for another Sriracha drought — quite literally.

Droughts in Mexico — where Huy Fong Foods sources its chilis — have affected supplies. In an interview with Food & Wine, the company recently revealed that the sauce shortage comes as a result of an “unexpected crop failure from the spring chili harvest.”

So what about those who crave capsaicin? (Think: the chemical that gives spicy food that burning sensation.) Unfortunately, there’s no end to the shortage in sight. And — since it doesn’t sell to stores directly — Huy Fong Foods can’t predict when products will return to shelves. But you could try your luck on a site like Amazon, where Forbes reported a pack of two 17-ounce bottles recently was listed for $94.99. We’ve also seen bottles listed for over $40 on eBay.

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