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Jonathan Shipley

City Editor

Jonathan is based in Madison, WI, having grown up in the Pacific Northwest with a stint in the deep South. He’s written for the Los Angeles Times, BBC Travel, and Discover Magazine. He also got poems published in a German trade magazine for welders (true thing). Around Madison, you’ll find him at a brewery, a ball game, birding, or at a bookstore.

Have a fling at one of the area’s many disc golf courses.
Madison has plenty of opportunities for stargazers.
Moxy Madison Downtown is a hip new spot on East Washington Avenue.
There are a plethora of places to hear good tunes.
Who are the influencers of the 608?
Professional weather people could use a couple minutes of your time.
All the way from Nebraska’s Lincoln Children’s Zoo, Betty joined fellow red panda Bandit at the Henry Vilas Zoo last week.
The city is eager for multi-use housing and may happen soon on the East side.
The new Northwoods League Softball summer collegiate league is coming to Madison.
A multi-use park on undeveloped land is in the draft stage.
Feeling nostalgic over the lunches you had as a kid? Madison’s restaurateurs are here for you.
Three Madison organizations recently received Farm to School grants.
Five concerts, and other magical musical moments, are coming to Madison.
Young women are distributing free period products in the city
The Beltline Bones want you to rethink what classical music is.
Whatever sport you like, there’s a local bar for you.
J & R Aquatic Animal Rescue is having a surrender event on March 23.
Polka is our state dance and there’s plenty of dancing to be had.
Summer means Shakespeare, dramas, comedies, and more in Spring Green.
There’s a whole palette of opportunities for local artists.
Chow down, Cowtown — its the 100th anniversary of the Caesar salad.
The organization believes sharing meals with others strengthens our bonds.
Wear your green at some fun festive events this coming weekend.
It’s the 100th anniversary of the Caesar salad. Let’s eat.
A Madisonian is finding out what dogs like to watch on TV.
The Downtown Development Tracker tracks development downtown.
Whether you like Thin Mints or Do-si-dos, the Girl Scouts have your back.
There are so many interesting structures that call Madison home.
Don’t be intimated by curling. It’s a welcoming sport.