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Cambridge Wrege

City Editor

Cambridge Wrege lives in Winston-Salem, NC. She is a former television news producer with 10 years of experience in the local broadcast news industry. When she’s not looking for stories, Cambridge enjoys spending time with her husband, walking her dog, and gardening.

The development project is a partnership between five organizations.
A recently adopted ordinance outlines rules for operators.
Forsyth County’s tourism bureau promotes amenities to visitors. Its work also benefits residents.
The Arts District of Winston-Salem highlighted other numbers in its annual report.
The Indie documentary’s production is closely connected to Winston-Salem and features local people and places.
The artwork was moved after the downtown CVS store, where Terry worked until his death, closed on Jan. 30.
Drone Express is becoming a member of AeroX, a local nonprofit aimed at accelerating Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology.
The competition is a fundraiser to help animals looking for loving homes. Cast your votes for the winners until Feb. 29.
Recipes at these restaurants keep customers coming back.
Nonviolent protests at a lunch counter that started with one man grew to include nearly two dozen students. Their actions created change in the Twin City.
Here are festive events that welcome love of all kinds.
The 2024 event theme is “Staying ConnecTED.”
City Council is considering modifying an ordinance to allow more units within multifamily sites.
The restaurant, boutique, and market were all in operation less than four years.
City and state officials are still taking actions to monitor the impacts of the fire.
The artisanal bakeshop on Reynolda Road was nominated in the outstanding bakery category.
These events will excite locals and draw people to the Twin City.
Elena G: The photo of the Quarry captures the crisp colors of the entourage with the full skyline in the background.
Works from the Happy Hill Neighborhood Association Art Anthology Exhibition were curated to archive history and rebuild the community.
You can eat, sleep, and breathe around art at this unique place to stay in the West Salem neighborhood.
Amateur cooks can compete against Chef Shane’s pub chili for a chance to win prizes.
Our readers found the most romantic places.
Apply online and visit a local enrollment center ahead of spring and summer travel.
The next “Good Impressions: Readings from the Press Bed” will celebrate works recently added to the public domain.
The City of Winston-Salem has guidelines and recommendations for homeowners who want to power their home with sunlight.
The theater nonprofit educates, entertains, and encourages moviegoers.
These dinners offer deliciousness without the dirty kitchen — all you need is an oven or a microwave.
The free events are designed to give individuals and employers detailed information about the hiring process.
Honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with these local volunteer opportunities.
The new theater group will welcome audiences to Reynolds Place Theatre for the first time in January.