The media landscape is continually innovating, therefore the ethics and guidelines of our company will evolve over time to ensure that we are always positioned to maintain our audiences’ trust.

6AM’s growing network of modern local media brands are redefining how communities consume, engage, communicate, connect and experience their cities. As 6AM facilitates and participates in these local conversations, our team members uphold these five core values:

RESPONDING with agility
Leveraging ENGAGEMENT to achieve synergy
Listening with intentional CURIOSITY
ACTING LIKE AN OWNER by delivering solutions that move us all forward
Having fun through PRIDE IN PLACE

Additionally, many individuals at 6AM operate in an editorial capacity, therefore it is required that all team members always act in an ethical manner that embodies transparency, objectivity, impartiality, veracity, fairness and accuracy in our content.


All 6AM brands have key content focus areas including City Guides, Civic Conversations, Food + Drink, Lifestyle and Local News. All information conveyed to our staff by external parties is “for consideration only”. The decision to include content in our products is at the sole discretion of our editorial staff if the content is determined to be relevant, inline with our product guide, and add value for our audience.

6AM is committed to facilitating dialogue in the positive. As our editorial staff is sourcing content to include in our products, community content creators who contribute locally in a positive and productive manner have a higher likelihood of inclusion.

6AM curates and provides narrative around the most relevant local conversations. 6AM’s editorial filter is designed to capture and evaluate content from several sources to ensure the validity and accuracy of the content distributed via our platforms.

6AM utilizes accreditation and links to attribute resources and research to strengthen the credibility and drive further discovery to our sources.

6AM believes in and makes an intentional effort to consider the broad diversity of thought and interests of our community members.

6AM embraces our value of facilitating engagement by inviting everyone to participate in the conversation. We recognize that individuals are limited in their depth of knowledge to their own personal experiences. Therefore, we have created a system of tools, technology, focus groups, feedback channels, community resources, and much more to ensure that we are able to hear all of the voices in our community when making editorial decisions to best educate and activate our readers locally.

6AM refrains from indicating personal or brand preference as it relates to the following topic areas: politics, religion, sexuality, entitlements, gun control, and similar topics that are controversial or highly politicized on a national level. This is done in an effort to avoid bias or perceived bias in an ever polarized media landscape, thus 6AM provides only factual information to educate readers when it is directly relevant to our respective markets in relation to these topic areas.


6AM views growth in the positive and we support the facilitation of productive conversations that allow all members of the community to become educated, so that they can actively participate in a community’s growth, in a manner that best supports their perspectives, and exposes them to others.

We believe in a healthy and productive dialogue around growing city topics including infrastructure, tourism, housing, diversity and inclusion, economic development, non-profits, sustainability, budget, connectivity, public safety, etc. We believe that by educating our readers on how they can proactively participate in conversations regarding the challenges and opportunities associated with a growing city, we can activate them to participate in a manner that has the best long-term outcome for the community as a whole.

In all cases, once a decision or announcement is made that a new business, organization or initiative is being launched in our communities; we embrace, celebrate, and encourage successful operation so that the impact of the new venture has a positive impact on our community.


6AM’s editorial staff strives to be accurate, factual, honest, balanced, unbiased, and relevant. We lean on our audience to provide opinions and additional perspective, so we can focus on the facts. Our editorial “filter” is designed to aggregate the community’s content, and our local editorial staff lead conversations designed to educate and activate our communities.

As 6AM relies on limited editorial resources to process and distribute large volumes of content everyday. It is impossible to always be perfect, but we make every effort to be accurate upon publication. Additionally, as we report on content in the public domain, it may be beyond our ability to verify all information from time to time. We may choose to share any information, as sourced in the public domain, to facilitate a productive conversation around a relevant topic.

If our staff is made aware of the need for a correction, once validated, we provide transparency to our audience by updating published content and issuing a correction the following day or as soon as possible and appropriate. When corrections are to be made, we make them across all published platforms, as possible. It is important to note that our core product is an email newsletter, and similar to a newspaper it is not possible to make corrections to the digital copy once delivered via email.

A correction will only be issued if new information is provided that either adds clarity to an article or invalidates the content as originally published. Additionally, 6AM will issue corrections for typos or factual errors that could cause our audience to misinterpret the content. It is our policy to leave all editorial content live once published, with additional context or corrections as appropriate. Removal of content from our platforms may happen in rare instances due to legal or extenuating circumstances, and must always be approved by executive editorial leadership. Removal of, or material changes to content will never be directed or influenced by advertisers, community leaders, or similar parties to support their respective agenda or opinions.


6AM staff are permitted to accept gifts, invitations, and offers of limited value on behalf of the company, provided all staff in the relevant market are made aware of the gift/invitation/offer as it was made to the company, not to the staff member personally. All information conveyed to our staff is “for consideration only,” regardless of the manner in which it was shared. The receipt of gifts or other consideration in no way guarantees or compromises editorial coverage of an event, product, or service. It is at the sole discretion of our editorial staff to share or write about a given topic, provided it is determined to be relevant and adds value to our audience inline with our editorial content strategy.


From time to time, 6AM will conduct giveaways or similar contests for our audience. Rules for giveaways and contests will be posted and are binding for those who elect to participate. At times, giveaways and contests will be sponsored by an advertiser or facilitated on behalf of another entity. Our decision to conduct a giveaway or contest in no way is an endorsement of the entities involved or their products.


Voices Content (also known as community-contributed content) will at times address topics from a distinct point of view, that may not align with the beliefs or opinions of all readers. 6AM does not require that Voices Content steer clear of controversy. Voices Content does not necessarily reflect the views of 6AM or its editorial staff, 6AM will refuse publication of Voices Content that, in its own judgement, would be detrimental to the credibility, character or values of the company.


All Branded Content is managed by the 6AM Branded Content Studio and is created by the Branded Content Studio on behalf of, or in conjunction with an advertiser. Advertisers may be permitted to review, make suggestions, and/or approve Branded Content.

Branded Content does not necessarily reflect the views of 6AM or its editorial staff. 6AM will refuse publication of Branded Content that, in its own judgement, would be detrimental to the credibility, character or values of the company.

See Advertiser Publishing Policy here.


6AM City, LLC is owned and operated by a leadership team located at the company headquarters in Greenville, S.C. 6AM’s investor portfolio includes a variety of venture capital and angel investors based in the United States. 6AM’s editorial content is not controlled or influenced by its investors in any manner. From time to time, investors in 6AM may purchase advertising as appropriate for their respective businesses, on par with all other advertisers.

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