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Up to 80% off and free shipping? That’s our way to shop

We picked out our favorite on-sale furniture and decor (but the sale ends tonight).

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Slideshow of interior photos of a moody bedroom, bright kitchen nook, and a velvet sofa.

Warmer weather is on its way — it’s time to enjoy the fresh air and prep for spring + summer gatherings, both indoor and outdoor.

Photos provided by Wayfair

Recently moved or using spring cleaning as an excuse to finally finish off that one room you just haven’t gotten around to? If either of these are you, or you’ve just had your eye on a big piece of furniture or new kitchen appliance for a while, your time has come.

Wayfair’s biggest sale of the year is back, but, like most good things, it’s not here for long — Way Day kicked off yesterday and ends tonight at midnight PST.

We did some shopping ourselves and are sharing our favorite deals below for inspo. Happy shopping, LEX.

What we’re eyeing

  • Lockable deck box: If you’re like us + tired of looking for a place to hide your outdoor furniture covers, this is your answer. Bonus: Its lid is heavy duty enough to double as additional seating.
  • Stovetop griddle + grill: You mean to tell us we don’t have to use four different pans to cook our brunch? Save time on cooking and cleaning with this combination stovetop griddle and grill.
  • Tribal blue outdoor rug: Blue accents in our house... how original. But we can’t help to show off that team spirit even in the most subtle ways.

Shop and save up to 80% on everything from faucets to furniture, plus cookware and bakeware, mattresses, outdoor furniture, and more with thousands of sitewide discounts, limited-time flash deals, and — our favorite perk — free shipping on everything.

The deets on discounts

Shopping for a specific category? With savings ranging, here’s a breakdown of some of the discounted categories we’re pulling from to spruce up our space:

Shop more of our Way Day favs

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