The busy person’s solution to reading more

From quick summaries to in-depth insights, Headway makes it easy to fit reading into your hectic schedule.

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Get lifetime access to Headway and discover book summaries that fit into your lifestyle, all for just $59.99.

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Them: “You should read this book! I read it in one sitting, it was that good.”

You, probably: “I would, but I just don’t have the time.”

We get it. Between work, cooking, the gym, and doomscrolling on your phone, there isn’t much time for sitting down with a good ol’ book. Except the last thing in that list seems a bit out of place. There’s probably more time in your schedule than you think.

And, with Headway, you actually only need ten minutes. While you aren’t technically reading books cover to cover, you get their main ideas and insights, ensuring you never feel reading FOMO again. Unlock lifetime access to Headway for $59.99 with our unbeatable price (reg. $299.95).

10 minutes with Headway might be better than an hour with a book

Next time you’re on the subway, standing in line, or going for a walk, just pull up Headway on your phone and get to reading. Is reading really not your thing? You can also listen to summaries like mini-podcasts.

Browse more than 1,500 book summaries + check out new content added each month, meaning there’s always something new to listen to. And there’s something for everyone — even if you’re horribly picky.

Interested in personal development? Spirituality? How about health and wellness, or maybe business strategies? Don’t worry, if anything sounds boring to you, you can set personalized recommendations and only see what seems interesting.


The app really tries to keep you motivated to come back, too, with learning streaks and challenges. You might go on a journey of self discovery, success, wealth, or modern parenting with curated collections to crush these goals.

Make more time to learn with an unbeatable price on a Headway lifetime subscription, just $59.99 (reg. $299.95).

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