3 reasons we’re thankful for 6AM City readers and advertisers across the country

We’ve got over 1.2 million newsletter subscribers and counting.

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Did you know we’ve sent a total of over 5,095 newsletters to readers in 26 cities so far this year?

Each of our news products is manned by two local City Editors and supported by the work of branded content writers, account managers, sales representatives, creative and growth marketing team members, editorial and executive leadership, our kickass operations team — and you, our readers and advertisers across the country.

If you’re sitting around the table today sharing what you’re thankful for, we’re doing the same.

1. The most relevant coverage

We’re always listening with curiosity — and our readers help us to be in more places at once so that local editors can discover timely and engaging news stories in our cities — ranging from the latest development rezoning to obscure, impactful history pulled straight from the archives.

We’re thankful to be in constant dialogue with our readers, who know the cities we live in so well. Want to join the conversation? Find your local newsletter team and send an email to let us know what we’re doing well, how we can improve, and what you’d like to see more coverage of.

2. Growing local support

Over the past year, we’ve seen growing support of our teams’ initiatives outside of local news reporting. Our membership program got off the ground with readers who believe in our mission to celebrate growing cities, educate and activate audiences, develop and inform more engaged local citizens, and encourage pride in place.

If you’re interested in supporting more local engagement or investing in local brands, be sure to check out our Six & Main gift guides — or shop by city.

3. Connecting businesses to buyers

Our advertisers ensure that we can deliver the most timely and relevant local news and events to readers each and every day — for free. Our original reporting is never paywalled and there are no fees to subscribe to our daily newsletter for any city.

It’s important to us that we connect our readers with the most relevant brands, as well as the most relevant news — that’s why our teams work closely with clients to develop the most engaging messaging to help local customers connect with and discover new businesses we know they’ll enjoy working with.