How to build the best tailgate for football season

From grills to generators and light-up corn hole, shop the ultimate tailgating accessories and get ready for football season.

A graphic of a football field, with "Tailgating Essentials" written on it in white spray paint

Consider these out first-round draft picks.

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Tailgaters, it’s time for bigger, better, more delicious tailgates than ever before.

We’ve got 20 recommendations to make all your tailgating dreams come true, including items from our online store Six & Main (think: goods from local, small businesses from all over the country).

Read on for the top tailgating supplies in the game day partying biz.

The set up

Elevate the basics to ensure your best tailgating season before you even begin.

Three people comfortably reclining on Trippy Outdoor chairs, maybe for tailgating.

Trippy Outdoor’s Atharu chair | $150 via Six & Main

The food

From the best tailgating grill to spices to a condiment caddy, here are all things game day grub.

The weber grill is neatly folded up and wheeled along by a person in hiking boots.

Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill | $418.80 via Amazon

The drinks

Browse innovative coolers, mixers, and tailgating accessories.

A cooler with glowing ice inside, thanks to a cooler light, plus bottles and cans.

Cooler light | $35.99 via Amazon

  • Keep drinks cold — no ice required — with a Kanga Cooler.
  • Party sustainability with Pirani Life tumblers.
  • Make margaritas quickly and easily with Simple Times Mixers’ cocktail mixers.
  • Use a cooler light for those p.m. tailgates to elevate your nighttime cooler experience.

The games

Keep the tailgating going and the crowd entertained.

Four people playing beer pong with jumbo cups on a wooden patio.

Jumbo pong set | $59.99 via Amazon

  • Light-up corn hole, anyone? (So you can keep playing after it gets dark.)
  • Treat your party to a round of jumbo pong.
  • If your group’s a fan of golf, buy a putting mat that doubles as a drinking game, if desired.
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