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Try This: Experience “In Nature’s Studio” at the Hunter Museum of American Art

Spend an afternoon in Chattanooga’s Art District + see the Hunter Museum’s latest exhibition “In Nature’s Studio.”

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Experience the wonders of the countryside in the comfort of a gallery.

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With Chattanooga’s mountains, outdoor space + incredible views, we don’t call it the Scenic City for nothing — but sometimes the heat can get to you. What if we told you that you can beat the heat and see the scenic landscapes indoors?

City Editor Haley here. I recently spent an afternoon exploring the wonders of painted landscapes in the Hunter Museum of American Art’s new exhibition, “In Nature’s Studio: Two Centuries of American Landscape Painting.” Step out of the sun and into the exhibit as I show you the highlights and share how you can Try This.

What we tried:

We toured the museum’s newest exhibit, which features 65+ American landscapes as seen through the eyes of various artistic movements — from 19th century realism to 20th century modernism. (Pro tip: Members get in for free).

While the exhibits are always beautifully curated, this one felt like home to us as it was reminiscent of our own scenic landscapes here in Chattanooga.

Keep reading as I share my favorites and give you the 411 on their summer programs.*

What not to miss

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NOOGAtoday | Hunter experience

The exhibit features 65+ evocative and beautiful pieces of artwork.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

What not to miss:

The Hunter curated this latest traveling exhibit from the Reading Public Museum’s collection in an effort to bring the countryside and its beauty to visitors. Spoiler: it didn’t disappoint.

The collection comes just in time for summer. Its span across two centuries of artists and art movements includes the first uniquely American artistic movement — the Hudson River School.

Moving through the gallery, you can see the shift in time and the influences of the period as paintings move from Impressionism, Tonalism, and Modernism.

Bonus: The museum will be hosting several summer programs to enhance the exhibition experience in + outside, including outings to Reflection Riding and Williams Island. Learn more + sign-up while spots are available.

NOOGAtoday | John Heyl Raser

This painting by John Heyl Raser feels like a landscape from our very own city.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

What we’re still talking about:

We were amazed by how similar the landscapes were to our very own Scenic City, especially in John Heyl Raser’s “View of Poplar Neck #2 Neversink Mountains.” It felt like looking out on top of one of our own mountains, but in the comfort of the gallery.

Pro tip: Take notice of which paintings have “Collection Connection” label + find other work from that artist that the museum has in its own collection.

How you can experience this:

To view this exhibit, day passes can be purchased online or at the museum. Pro tip: Check out the discounted admissions + membership options.

Things to know if you go:



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🖼️ Take a walk “In Nature’s Studio” with us.

The @huntermuseum transformed its gallery into a room full of scenic views with its new exhibition featuring 65+ works spanning over two centuries + various art movements — all capturing the beauty of American landscapes.

Pro tip: The exhibit is open to the public now through Monday, Sept. 4 and admission is free for museum members.

Tap our link in bio to see our highlights (plus the portrait we loved most) — and discover how you can Try This for yourself. #partner

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🖼️ Take a walk “In Nature’s Studio” with us as we check out @huntermuseum’s newest exhibition, featuring the wonders of American landscapes with 65+ paintings that span over two centuries + various art movements. See our exhibit highlights (and the portrait we loved most). #partner


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6.20 // Try This:
Trade in your hiking boots for your best gallery outfit, Nooga. The Hunter Museum of American Art has a new exhibition “In Nature’s Studio” — featuring 65+ American landscape paintings spanning over two centuries. See exhibit highlights from our recent visit (link to published Experience on web) (and the portrait we loved most). *

6.27 // Try This:
Want to see scenic views and beat the heat? Head over to the Hunter Museum of American Art for its new exhibition “In Nature’s Studio,” featuring 65+ American landscapes as seen through the eyes of various art movements. See our recent visit (link to published Experience on web) and plan yours now through Monday, Sept. 4.*