3 chef-approved tips for making every dinner worth looking forward to

A couple prepares dinner together.

If you want quality time, look no further than your kitchen.

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Raise your hand if you love staying home. ✋Yep, us too — and Home Chef makes it easy to do it all and still enjoy a special meal with your loved one after a long day.

We asked Home Chef for for their three tips on making dinner as special as your loved one.

🛍️ Plan your menu together (but keep the pressure off)

The key here is special, not stressful. If the thought of creating a multi-course meal from scratch is already giving you a headache, using a meal kit as your starting point is a huge life hack.

Bonus: Home Chef’s fresh, pre-portioned ingredients mean that not only will your dishes come out perfectly flavored + balanced, but you can check shopping + prep off your to-do list — which means your focus stays on connecting with your partner.

A plate of lettuce cups on a pink tablecloth surrounded by side dishes.

Home Chef has tons of fresh, delicious meal choices.

Photo by Home Chef

🍽️ Set your table for success

The atmosphere is just as important as the food — so use your good china, break out the cloth napkins, and maybe even light candles. Dinner is still special, even if it happens every night.

🍳 Turn up the heat and get busy

We’re talking about the stove. But if you do want to spice things up a little, Home Chef has tons of new and exciting recipes to try out.

All your meals can be as easy as Home Chef meals. If you’re looking to simplify your life and take the stress away from mealtime with planning + prep made easy, then we’ve got some good news: Our readers can get 75% off their first box.*



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