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    6AM City was built to engage local communities by creating new ways to consume, participate, and share local content. Each day we reach these communities through our email newsletter products that are sent to 230,000 locals living in Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Asheville, Raleigh, Chattanooga and Lakeland.


    And our readers love a good deal! Use this platform to share your exclusive deal with our readers. Please keep in mind that this deal must be for our specific readership, not a general sale or public offering. If promoting a public sale, we recommend submitting an Event Listing instead.


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    Submit your exclusive deal below to guarantee inclusion in our newsletter as a DealOfTheDay in the NewsNote section. While we will do our best to include it on the day you have requested, we only allow 1 deal per day and may have to push it to the next available date. If your selected date is not available we will reach out to confirm the next available date.

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    $250 will get your deal listed in the NewsNote section of the newsletter as a DealOfTheDay 1x time.

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  • Providing this information up front allows us to better understand your business, and optimize for a campaign that will suite your unique needs.

  • Select a category from the drop-down menu on the left that best fits the deal you are offering. If it doesn't fit within one of the categories, select "Other".
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  • The better the deal, the more people will want to take you up on the offer. We review all deals in advance of publishing. If we do not feel that the offer is strong enough, we maintain the rights to decline the deal and will issue you a refund.

  • Is there a promo code for them to use? Do they need to mention where they saw the deal? Are there any purchasing requirements?
  • This is the click-through web address that will take guests to your businesses website or Facebook page where they can find more information on the deal.

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    Must be a Monday-Friday. Please complete and submit at least 2 business days before you would like the listing to be published. While we will do our best to include it on the day you have requested if it is not available we will reach out to confirm the next potential run date.

  • Let us know if you have any special instructions or questions regarding your DealOfTheDay.

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  • None of this info is listed, but we need it just incase we have to follow up with any questions about the listing.

  • This will probably be our first point of contact if we need some help figuring out your listing. The quicker we can solve a potential issue, the faster your listing is approved.

  • Sometimes a quick call is the best way to get a hold of you. We promise, no last minute / unnecessary calls.

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    After clicking purchase, you’ll be taken to our secure e-commerce page for payment. Once submitted our team will review your deal and, if approved, payment will be processed and your DealOfTheDay will appear on the date selected or we will reach out with the next available date.

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    In order to process your Listing in a timely and efficient manner, our Branded Content Studio takes the information you submit, drafts and formats it, then publishes your Listing on the requested run date. We do not offer review/approval on Listings for this reason.

    Once submitted, if you have any questions, concerns, or edits regarding your Listing, please contact [email protected].