Digital Display: Email Header Ads

Th first thing our readers see when they open their email. We deliver increased local brand presence, relevance, and authority for our partners.


What comes with an Email Header and where does this live within the product?

The custom email header is the first thing our readers see when they open up their newsletter. Think of this as the front cover of a magazine. It is great for branding and for event promotion. The header is typically created by our team using the creative direction and assets your team provides.*

Email Header Examples

*If you’d prefer to design this header, our team can provide you with the working art file template. Please note that if designed by your team, 6AM City will need final approval and holds the right to modify the design in order to fit within our product.

What is the typical timeline and process for Email Headers?

  • To ensure our team has time to produce our best work and give you plenty of time to review it, we recommend submitting assets at least 2 weeks (10+ business days) in advance. If a quicker turnaround is needed, we are happy to accommodate if possible. Include your run date request when submitting the information and we will reach out with potential options and next steps.
  • Using the Email Header form below, you’ll provide us with a creative brief including an overview of what you’re looking to accomplish and promote through the header and any art files/creative elements you would like to be included in the design.
    • These include but are not limited to high-res logos, font files, color references, graphics, and photos.
  • Our graphic design team will develop a concept for you to provide feedback and approve. Only one-round of feedback is included.*
  • We’ll review any requested changes and adjust the creative if needed.
  • The Email Header runs in our newsletter, linking out to your requested URL.
  • We’ll send you the performance analytics at the beginning of the following month.

*Design fee includes (1) round of feedback. Any additional rounds are considered a change order.

I’m ready to submit my assets