Campaign: Giveaway

Boost your brand’s visibility as part of a two-week multimedia giveaway campaign including digital ads, social media exposure, and an email campaign designed to drive the best results for your business. Giveaways are proven to engage our readers while growing your Instagram following or providing your business with lead-driving data.


What comes with a Giveaway and where does this live within the product?

A Giveaway with 6AM City is a two-week (10 business days) multi-faceted campaign that includes the following items:

  • Email Newsletter Inclusions*
    • (1) Post of the Day: A custom graphic accompanied by copy to help launch the campaign
    • (4) Text Ads: A 50-word blurb in the News Notes section, two to promote the giveaway, one to announce the winner, and one to promote your brand post-giveaway.
  • Social Media Inclusions*
    • (1) Facebook post
    • (1) Instagram post
  • Hosting Options
    • Custom Landing Page: This option is perfect for those looking for marketing insights. With this option, we also provide email addresses for anyone that opts-in to receive additional messaging (ex. Biltmore Farms Holiday Giveaway).
    • Instagram Post: This option is best for those looking to grow their social following. Entrants must follow the business and comment on the post in order to be entered (ex. Greenville Federal Credit Union Dinner On Us Giveaway)

*Run dates of the above items are predetermined by 6AM City.

What is the prize minimum and how do we get it to the winner(s)?

Giveaway prizes must be a minimum value of $1000 per winner and will be provided by you, the advertiser. Please note: the cost to run the giveaway with 6AM City is separate from this prize value.

Our preferred method of prize delivery is to have the item sent to us prior to the giveaway launch, ensuring that the winner(s) are notified and immediately coordinated with. If, however, the prize makes more sense to email/mail or provide in person to the winner, your Account Manager will connect you with the winner via email and will follow up to ensure the prize has actually been fulfilled.

What is the typical fulfillment timeline for Giveaways?

  • To ensure our team has time to produce our best work and give you plenty of time to review it, we recommend submitting assets at least 2 weeks (10+ business days) in advance. If a quicker turnaround is needed, we are happy to accommodate if possible. Include your run date request when submitting the information and we will reach out with potential options and next steps.
  • You fill out the giveaway form with all of the need-to-know information and provide us with the high-res images you’d like us to pick from.
  • Our team drafts up the content using the information you provided.
  • Our Graphic Design team builds out the social, newsletter and web asset.
  • Our team will send you the developed graphic elements and a preview link of the content to read, review and provide any/all feedback. Only (1) round of feedback is included.
  • Feedback should be sent back via email.
  • Your content writer and the graphic design team will review requested edits and modify when needed. It’s important to note that not all requests will be accepted.
  • Final content and graphics will be sent to you for reference and the publishing process begins. Please note that this is not another opportunity to provide edits.
  • The giveaway launches and the entries start pouring in.
  • Once the giveaway has closed, 6AM City will select a winner at random and the prize will be fulfilled based on your preferred method.
  • If the giveaway was hosted on a landing page, we will provide you with the marketing insights and opt-in emails.
  • At the beginning of the following month, we will send you the performance analytics of your content. This includes newsletter, website and social performance.

I’m ready to submit my assets.