Campaign: Experience

An experiential article written in first person by one of our local writers that shares an inside look at what their experience was like and inspires readers to try it themselves.


What comes with an Experience and where does this live within the product?

An Experience with 6AM City is a two-week multi-faceted campaign that includes the following items:

  • In-person or Virtual Experience: One of our staff members will spend a max of 2-hours taking it all in, capturing photos, taking notes and gathering insights
  • Email Newsletter Inclusions

    • (1) Article:
      • 150-words,1 photo in newsletter
      • 300-words, max 10 photos on website
    • (2) Text Ads*: A 50-word blurb in the News Notes section, driving readers back to the Article on our website
    • (2) Email Banner Ads*: designed by our team, directing readers to read the Article
  • Social Media Inclusions

    • (6) Instagram Story slides*: Captured during the in-person/virtual Experience.
    • (1) Instagram post
    • (1) Facebook post

*Run dates of the above items are predetermined by 6AM City.

Experience Examples

What is the typical timeline and process for an Experience?

To ensure our team has time to produce our best work and give you plenty of time to review it, we recommend at least 3 weeks (15+ business days) between the time we come out for the Experience and the date the content runs in the newsletter. If a quicker turnaround is needed, we are happy to accommodate if possible. Include your run date request when submitting the information and we will reach out with potential options and next steps.

    • You will first fill out the Experience form with date options and any need-to-know information.
    • Using this information, we will get this Experience on the calendar for one of our staff members and a run date reserved in the publication.
    • On the day of the Experience, a 6AM City staff member will spend a max of 2-hours at your designated location taking it all in, capturing photos, taking notes and gathering insights.
    • Within the next few days, the (6) Instagram stories will be pushed out to our followers.
    • Using the information gathered from the Experience, our team will begin crafting up the Article, News Notes, Social Media posts and Banner Ads.
    • We will send you the graphic elements and a content preview link to read, review and provide any/all feedback. Only (1) round of feedback is included.
    • All feedback should be sent back via email.
    • Your content writer and the graphic design team will review requested edits and modify when needed. It’s important to note that not all requests will be accepted.
    • Final content and graphics will be sent to you for reference and the publishing process begins. Please note that this is not another opportunity to provide edits.
    • The Experience runs in our publication and our Social Media accounts on the reserved run date.
    • Within the next few weeks, (2) News Notes and (2) Banner Ads will run in our publication, directing traffic back to the Experience article.
    • At the beginning of the following month, we will send you the performance analytics of your content. This includes newsletter, website and social performance.

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