Branded Content: Lead Story

This is our highest-profile piece of content. It kicks off our newsletter and is also published across our social platforms. This product is designed to drive audience engagement and brand awareness.


What comes with a Lead Story and where does this live within the product?

The Lead Story is the top story in the email newsletter – think of it as our “front page story” of the day.

What comes with a Lead Story:

  • Published in newsletter as main story of the day; included in email subject line
  • Full story published on our website
  • Shared on our social media platforms: Instagram feed + Facebook
  • Includes an Engagement Module designed to invoke our readers to interact — choose from:
    • Poll
    • Quiz
    • Question
    • Social share buttons
  • Marketing insights from the Engagement Module results to help guide your future initiatives
  • 300 words in the newsletter with an extended 500-word version on our website.
  • Up to 6 links, 2 photos in newsletter and 4 photos on the website.

Lead Story Examples

What is the typical timeline and process for a Lead Story?

  • To ensure our team has time to produce our best work and give you plenty of time to review it, we recommend submitting assets at least 4 weeks (16+ business days) in advance. If a quicker turnaround is needed, we are happy to accommodate if possible. Include your run date request when submitting the information and we will reach out with potential options and next steps.
  • You fill out the content form with all of the need-to-know information and provide us with the high-res images you’d like us to pick from.
  • Our team drafts up the content using the information you provided.
  • We’ll sends you a preview link of the content to read, review and provide any/all feedback. Only (1) round of feedback is included.
  • All feedback should be sent back via email.
  • Your content writer will review requested edits and modify content when needed. It’s important to note that not all requests will be accepted.
  • Final content link is sent to you for reference and the publishing process begins. Please note that this is not another opportunity to provide edits.
  • On your reserved run date, the content will run in our newsletter and on Facebook/Instagram.
  • Your Engagement Module results will be sent to you a week after the content runs.
  • At the beginning of the following month, you will receive the analytics of your content. This includes newsletter, website and social performance.

I’m ready to submit assets for the Lead Story.